We are independent, professional and thorough building surveyors in Cambridge and HaverhillWe are independent, professional and thorough building surveyors in Cambridge and HaverhillWe are independent, professional and thorough building surveyors in Cambridge and HaverhillWe are independent, professional and thorough building surveyors in Cambridge and HaverhillWe are independent, professional and thorough building surveyors in Cambridge and Haverhill

We are specialist building surveyors in Cambridge and Haverhill focusing on residential properties and listed buildings


We are really happy with Raphael. Excellent service, rapid correspondence and communication, reasonably priced, good customer focus. Raphael gave as a call immediately after the survey to provide the survey summary, focusing on potential issues before sending the full report. The survey report containing sufficient detail for us to make our decision was delivered very promptly. We would not hesitate to recommend Anglian Home Surveyors and would definitely use them again. Thank you Raphael!

Vitaliy Kuznetsov

Raphael has visited our house twice now and advised us on the best action to take with regard to some climbing ivy and some internal damp walls. He has been honest, professional, friendly, thorough and efficient in providing concise information about the best course of action to take to resolve the issues, and prevent them from worsening. We have actioned his advice and would have no hesitation in highly recommending him to others for any type of property issues, we completely trust his judgement and experience.

Jayne, Gamlingay

Raphael has carried out a number of house surveys for our clients who are looking to purchase a range of property types. They provide a thorough picture of the property that the client is hoping to purchase and highlights any issues that they need to be aware of before they purchase the property. The inspections were carried out in a timeframe to meet the clients’ requirements and the report followed promptly afterwards. We are happy to recommend Raphael and will continue to use him when the need arises.

Allen Norman, Ely Design Group

We have worked with Raphael for over three years. We have been impressed with his attention to detail and professional expertise, and have no hesitation in recommending him.

John Cunningham, Tantalus Property Maintenance Ltd

Without doubt I would always use Anglian Home Surveyors when buying or selling a property. Raph is just fantastic. Honest, thorough and puts information over to you in a way that you understand. Buying a property is one of the biggest things you ever do, and it can be incredibly stressful, so you need an expert like Raph to cover all the things you don't understand! Anglian Home Surveyors are brilliant, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them every time, and I do!

Jayne, Newmarket

As a complete novice in the listed house purchase arena, Anglian Home Surveyors were taken on recommendation from a third party, and I was immediately impressed by the unambiguous terms of service and scope of the survey.

Raphael was extremely engaging and thorough and the resulting report, while extremely detailed (75 pages), was written in an easily assimilated form.

I asked a family friend and highly reputable architect of over 50 years' experience to cast his eye over the report and he was of the view that we had done well to secure the services of such a thorough and professional surveyor and the report itself ranked as one of the most comprehensive and detailed he had ever seen.

I am very content to commend Raphael to any prospective purchaser, more so if they are in a similar house purchase novice position as myself where I found the selection of surveyors daunting.

Jon Duckworth

My fiancée and I are currently in the process of purchasing our first home together and it was decided that it would be a good idea to get the property – a grade II listed property – surveyed in order to make sure that it would be a sound purchase.

We contacted and employed Raphael to carry out a detailed survey of the property, which he duly undertook within a short space of time.

After carrying out his inspection of the property he very quickly got back to us on the phone (minutes after finishing) and went through the main points he felt were important to mention. These included an overview of the property's general condition, highlighting a few issues that would need to be seen to soon, and identifying other longer-term issues that would need to be seen to in the next two to three years. With this quick summary feedback we were put at ease and given the confidence to continue on with making our purchase.

But the service didn't stop there: Raphael then sent across his full written survey report – all 72 pages of it – which was written in easily understood, clear and plain English with no jargon (or if there was any it was quickly explained). The report also used pictures taken at the site to illustrate and highlight certain matters.

To conclude, investing in Raphael's time and service was a wise investment indeed – it has put our minds at rest, given us the confidence to pursue our plans and provided us with some useful information on what we will need to do to maintain the property in the next few years.

As an estate agent I am now in an even better position to be able to recommend Raphael and Anglian Home Surveyors, and recommend them I shall!

Gareth and Naomi, Suffolk

Raphael of Anglian Home Surveyors was recommended to me by a neighbour who used his service when she moved house. She had recommended him to a friend of hers, who also recommended him, so I felt happy that he was a good choice to do the home condition survey on the house we are purchasing.

Raphael was professional and efficient from the start, replying to emails speedily, setting up the necessary appointments without needing my help and visiting the house as arranged, to inspect and report. He called me later the same day to pass on his main comments, so that we didn't have to wait for a written report to action any concerns, which was very helpful.

I was impressed by his thoroughness. I feel sure that a less committed surveyor would not have picked up on some of the points he made. When we received the written report, it was clear, included several photos and useful diagrams, reiterated the issues we could pursue further and reassured us that the property was sound.

I would summarise Raphael's approach as serious, careful, thorough and responsive. I felt he cared that we should be fully informed about the investment we are about to make, and at all points he stressed that if we had questions or needed guidance, we should contact him. I can't think of anything more I would have needed from a surveyor, and I would recommend him.

Debbie Poyser, Cambridge

Raphael carried out two building surveys for me in Haverhill and on both occasions he was efficient and professional. The surveys themselves were detailed and showed me exactly what I needed to be aware of as a purchaser. He highlighted any items that required dealing with immediately and those that I could pursue at a later stage. He was helpful and I could not have asked for more from an independent surveyor.

Jan, Haverhill

I would like to thank you Raphael for your prompt response and the service provided.

All issues explained in detail in advance and an appointment was arranged within a couple of days. As I happen to be present for some time of the inspection, I noticed the professionalism and the way things explained to me on the spot.

The report was extremely detailed, comprehensive and thorough. I immediately had a perfect picture of the property I am planning to buy.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a professional service and an extensive and detailed report with pictures, findings and suggestions so to evaluate his next step.

Thank you again Raphael.

Michael Sympouras

The building survey itself was comprehensive and extremely thorough. It was also in plain language and so easily understood. Raphael not only explained the process and choices beforehand, but followed up by talking us through his findings. We had every confidence that we were well informed about the property’s strengths and weaknesses, and that we knew what we were letting ourselves in for. You couldn’t really ask for more.

Michael, Castle Camps

Dear Raphael,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the two pieces of work you have carried out for me.

I have often heard you talk about the difference between a normal mortgage valuation and a survey, and the first work you did for me was to survey an old clunch cottage my wife and I were looking to buy in Burwell. We had some rough ideas as to what issues may be lurking but your incredibly thorough report revealed more than we were previously aware of. The upshot was that we withdrew from the purchase and believe that the benefit to us of engaging you was probably to save us thousands over the coming few years.

The second piece of work was to carry out a Building Condition Survey for my business premises. Again, the work performed was very thorough and was backed up by a comprehensive report. The result of it means that I have renewed my lease aware of a few potential issues which can be addressed when funds allow.

I will certainly not hesitate your services to both clients and friends whenever I can.

Richard Brookes, Tax Assist Accountants

We were very impressed with the professionalism, rigour and responsiveness of the service and report we received. We would highly recommend Anglian Home Surveyors.

Jim, Dunmow

Raphael was brilliant and I would highly recommend. He was very responsive, very friendly, very helpful, able to help us at very short notice, and his report was extremely thorough and incredibly helpful. He even dedicated extra time to having a lengthy call to discuss the findings of his report. Thank you Raphael!

Emily and Matt

Having experienced a quality issue with a previous builder I engaged the services of Anglian Home Surveyors to provide both a detailed report on a property, but more importantly peace of mind. Having received the report in very quick order – within three days of the visit – I am extremely pleased with both the detail it contains, and the excellent way in which it is presented. It is easy to read and, with the pictures to reference issues, and the explanation notes, it is a comprehensive survey which literally leaves no stone unturned. Add to this the friendly and approachable manner of Raphael, when he is crawling over everywhere, and I have no hesitation in recommending his services if you are buying, selling, renting, doing up or have just been in your house for a number of years and want to make sure that your biggest investment is in good shape.

David, iTEXS Ltd


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